One of our greatest gifts given to us, is our name.
Do you, like many parents want to celebrate the birth of your child but have decided against a christening?

A naming ceremony or naming day are becoming increasingly popular. These ceremonies are so unique and a celebration of family and life.

The day can include whatever is significant to you all right now in your lives.

It will include officially naming your baby or children and wonderful declarations of promises and commitments from significant members of your family and friends.

The ceremony can be held outside in your favourite park or at your favourite theatre or restaurant and can include readings, poems and favourite music.

As your celebrant, we will work together to create a ceremony that is unique and personal to you.

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Welcoming Ceremonies

This type of celebrant ceremony enables you to welcome either an adopted child or children or stepchildren into your family.

It allows you to express your thoughts and beliefs of the future and the hopes you all have as one family moving forward.

Lots of joy surround this type of ceremony and can include declaration of promises and commitments from chosen family members and friends.

Symbolic unity candle or sand ceremonies are particularly wonderful, allowing the whole family to be involved.

Plus, your favourite songs or poems being read, along with your new family stories told, ensure a ceremony which is as unique as your family deserve.

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